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Creative Brief

Target Audience/Player Hardcore Gamer
Target Purchaser: Hardcore Gamer
Lead/Primary Platform: Xbox One/PS4
Anticipated Rating: MA15+/R18+ The X Statement:
Play as the unknown hero in a dark fantasy open world single player experience, brutal 3rd person combat for the serious gamer.
Executive Summary
A once rich land of castles, keeps and townships has been torn apart when a rift to an unknown place brings forth a dark force that wants only to ravage the world. Nearly all is lost. A warrior must step forth if there is any hope for survival. After the loss of his home and family our hero has nothing left to lose and must build his skills and reputation to avenge all he has lost in a ravaged landscape full of death and destruction.
With difficult combat that rewards the player with an overwhelming sense of achievement in a world that brings a vision of dread and foreboding to the user that echoes the ravaged world our hero is trying to save.
Primary Design Goals
• Single Player - A fully focused engrossing single player quest system.
• Accomplishment - Player to experience exhilarating sense of achievement.
• Replay ability - the content of the game to support repeat play options.
Secondary Design Goals
• Action – heart pounding fast strategic combat
• Inventory – involving weapons and armour and consumables to find.
• Dark Intense – player to have sense of foreboding of what is behind the next door
This game is not:
• A Multiplayer

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