Creative Leadership: Methodology and Philosophy of Science Essay

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Methodology & Philosophy of Science
In this chapter I discuss the research methods suitable for the study and what is useful for it to use in response for the problem statement which is directed towards the creative leaders in companies. Furthermore, in this chapter I present the methods which I used to find out needed information for the project. Thus, this part specifies the methods of research which I used, data collection and analysis of gathered data.
Philosophy of Science
All people in the world culture, appearence, behaviour mostly depends on nationality, country. Hence, view on the world and how they perceive it is different. As we all have different lifes, different destinies, so many things we create our own truth, and we …show more content…

But, there are people who want to change something in they life or just want to feel happier then they try to interact with the world that all these wishes become reality, while others just sit, wait and do nothing or wish that things would be better. The same we could adapt to the organizations. One do something that can achieve better results and would be the best, while another – just goes with the stream and waiting for a better time and think how to survive. (For this reason in the organizations we need creative leaders.) Hence, I as scientist understand that everyone has their own truth and there is no one right answer for a question, because it depends on everyone individual experience.
“In the modern world subjectivist philosophies have become very popular as they challenge the notion of absolute Truth which allows people to democratize truths.” (Andrews, 2012). In other words, the truths become relative with each person, due to we find out the truth after certain time, after each human experience and just then we can summarize and say that this is good or bad. Hence, I agree wih this statement, because, for example, just now a few centuries passed, especially after a lot of leadership samples in the world, we can to accept where good leadership was and where bad leadership was.
Of course, everyone have different experience, but for certain things, for example, climbing trees when we were a kids

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