Creative Story : A Short Story

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Jake was at his house staying up late for the new year special`. He heard someone knock at the door so he gets up and thinks, “who can it be at this hour?” When he opens up the door no one is there so he goes back inside. Then after a few minutes it happens again *knock* *knock*
Jake starts to get annoyed and he opens up to no one there he steps outside and yells, “hello?” Then he hears rustling in the bushes so he yells, “who’s there!” Then the rustling stops s he goes back inside and he feels like something is wrong. He looks around his painting is there, the flowers are there. Then he looks out the window and nearly falls off the couch with surprise as huge building is in the empty lot on the other side of the street.
Last time it was just a pile of rubble where no one knew what was once there. He hears the doorbell and walks over in fear he opens it up and no one is there. Then something darts behind the tree. He walks over there and a man is there holding a baseball bat and wearing a officer uniform then Jake notices the man Is entirely black. skin, shirt, and hair then the man raises the bat and knocks out Jake with it.
Jake wakes up on a operating table he gets up looks around and walks out the door and down the hallway. He sees what looks like a person down the hall and walks to it. He yells “hello?” And it turns around to reveal its rotting face. Jake slowly takes a step back and it takes a step forward jake takes another one back and the zombie start running at

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