John's Sacrifice: A Narrative Fiction

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s this guy?” questioned John with an angry face.
“This is Tony, he can help us get to the rocket,”replied Jackie terrified for what John may say next.
“No!” screamed John, “We are going to get there on our own. We don’t need help from some stranger.”
Jackie didn’t reply and got in the car with John. They continued to make their way to the lab and Jackie shared everything Tony told her with John. The car ride was long and silent as John was frustrated as he drove and Jackie didn’t want to make him angrier by saying something. They didn’t stop during the ride, even when zombies were in the middle of the road John refused to stop and went right through them.
They finally made it to the lab and the Jeep barely had any fuel left. The two reach
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But again they were stopped by a loud scream coming from behind them. The scream was familiar to them but they couldn’t remember why. They look in the distance and spot a man running from a big horde of zombies. It was Tony and he was running right at them leading the what seemed like endless horde of zombies right at them. John pulls his blade gun back out and fired a blade straight into the crowd not caring if he hit Tony or not. Tony ducks and the blade takes out tens of zombies with the one shot. But it didn’t make any difference, the zombies didn’t slow down and with only two shots he never would be able to clear them. Jackie hurries and opens the gate and they run inside. They hold the gate open waiting for Tony. Tony dives into the gate getting scratched on the leg in the process. John helps Tony up while Jackie tries to close the gate. Zombies pushed their way into the gate holding it open a small bit. Tony gets up and helps Jackie try and close the door but too many zombie arms are blocking the way to shut it…show more content…
The blade slides its way through the gate and takes out the zombies holding it open. Jackie and Tony were leaning on gate and when John fired the saw they fell over and the gate slammed shut. They don’t stop for a second and ran into the lab. They followed the signs that directed them to the rocketpad.
The launch area was a big open space with security guards roaming around. In the center of the space was a large rocket and it was being fueled for launch. They were approached by a security guard. He stared at them in shock.
“Umm, three more survivors chief.” He screamed across to a woman with a white lab coat commanding the crew fueling the engine. He whispers to them,”Listen i don’t know how you made it here but you came at a good time you're safe now.”
“Our families,” cried Jackie, “Are they here?”
“I don’t know,” answered the guard,”What you see is what’s left. The other rocket’s either didn’t launch or failed the launch but either way this is it.” Jackie didn’t ask anymore questions and John tried to comfort her as she began to cry. The chief signaled the guard and he came running over in a hurry. He then came back, scared from whatever the chief said. “I forgot something. I have to ask each of you some
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