Creative Writing: Addison's Mistake

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I woke up not knowing where I was questioning everything that was going on. I was surrounded by doctors i had seen previously at the rehab center, when they had realized I had opened my eyes a few of them began to shout he’s awake. After hearing them scream that I looked over and there was Addison laying in the bed next to me with tubes hooked up to him. I tried to sit up but couldn’t, there was this sharp pain in my hip. The doctor rushed over and said “Don’t try to sit up, everything is okay son.” I began to ask what was wrong with Addison but all they kept on saying was “He’s fine don’t worry about him.” The doctor were examining me as I was laying there, they checked my ears, my mouth, and my eyes and documenting all of it. Later that night …show more content…

She handed me the plate and I thanked her. She didn’t reply. I tried to get up and then Addison rushed over to help me. A few hours passed and a group of doctors barged in the door and grabbed me and Addison and took us to a room that was full of treadmills and beams that you see in a therapy center. Then this tall thin man in a long white lab coat walked up to us and said “You guys wish to leave right.” me and Addison nodded our heads “Well you both need to pass and series of events that show you're healthy enough to leave.” So we began to do the tests and after a few days passed we were almost done and were about to leave and I felt the pain come back to my hip I fell to the ground and began to cry I lifted up my shirt and seen what looked to be a bullet wound. I began to have small flash backs from the night on the rooftop. All I could see was Clorox pointing a gun at me and Addison, two loud bangs later we were here at this

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