Creative Writing: Brody's Broken Leg

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Brody’s Broken Leg

You can walk, stop being a baby, “POP.” It was a warm Friday in Graham Washington, and me,my brothers and their friends were playing football at the park and let's just say it did not go well for me. It was first down and they were on the 40 yard line there running back was a 140 pound beast, and in 7th grade.They hiked the ball handed it off to the running back no one could stop him, Touchdowns ,They kicked it off i got it then ran it to about the 50 yard line then got tackled Next my brother says “Hike” everyone goes out for a pass he throws it up and it was intercepted. So i had an idea “i'll just trip him” so the next play they handed it off to him he started running to me so i stuck my leg out

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