Creative Writing: Ryan Greggory Smith

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He is remarkable in my eyes and presents his extraordinary features to others, but believes he is only ordinary. Ryan is much more than just a normal person and if I had to sum up all of his hidden accomplishments, 20 vehicles to be exact, in one single word, I would use innovative. Why you ask? Well, Ryan, being his 21-year-old self, can make nothing into something. He could make a pile of brittle metal into a rocker panel on a car with his handy-dandy welder and many different tools I do not even know the name of.

How about I tell you about this wonderful human being; the one that I will be continuously rambling on about throughout my writing piece. Ryan Greggory Smith is experienced, talented, capable of anything, and a very loyal boyfriend but if I start on that, I will exceed my word count. He works harder than many men I know, whether it’s on the farm for his grandparents or in the garage, you never hear him complaining about a backache or a sore shoulder.

The first time I met him was one memory that is baked into my medial …show more content…

I would be attempting to tell him about something that happened at school that day even though I knew that he wouldn’t even be listening to me, Mike Wolfe bargaining great deals, or paying attention to the marvelous taste of what is in the bowl in front of him. Instead, there are many thoughts brewing in that brain of his about a current project. He would quickly finish his bowl of hickory sticks and proceed out to the garage with the close of the back door. Meanwhile, I would be making awkward conversation with his parents about school and trying to find something on TV out of the horrible selection of channels. “If Ryan were here, he could find something to watch in no time,” I would think to myself. I would then slip out the door to see what he was up to and I was correct to think that he was working on a

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