Creative Writing: The Dark Sidewalk

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As you are walking down the sidewalk in Cleveland you feel something cold hit your left ear. You look over and realize that it was only one of the many snowflakes that have begun falling from the inky blue sky. The cold chill causes you to shudder as you continue on your path down the slushy street. As cars pass, the grey mixture splashes onto your shoes. Surveying the damage the slush has done to your new sneakers, you accidentally wander off the well lit sidewalk and into a dark alleyway. Suddenly aware of your surroundings, you look up to see the long dark corridor in front of you. The cheery sounds of the people on the sidewalk are muffled by the thick brick walls on either side of you. You feel trapped, look around, and spot a glimpse of light at the end of the passageway.…show more content…
The scent of mildew and garbage fills your nostrils as you pass a dumpster that belongs to the local pizza shop. “Crush Crush” goes your shoes; the sound echoes through the corridor. As you pass a damp brown box a furry creature skitters out. Alarmed, you jump back only to realize it was an alleycat. Your pace quickens once you reach the middle of the ally. It is pitch black and you are unaware of what lies ahead and behind you. The only thing guiding you is the tiny glimpse of light that grows larger with every
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