Crime And Violence Essay

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Crime is defined as an offensive act committed by a person that must be punished by law. In our society, there are always some people that cannot stop themselves from doing a crime against humanity. The crimes ranged from burglary to rape to homicide. When an individual intentionally hurts another person physically and mentally, it is a serious problem. This type of behavior is not acceptable because it can have an enormous negative impact on the victimized. Some people may commit crimes out of desperation, while others commit crimes to get rich as soon as possible for survival purposes. There are different motives for each crime, but that does not give criminals an excuse to receive a lighter sentence. According to the Classical School of …show more content…

In this situation, she injures a bystander when things does not go her way. The young woman suddenly acts violently because she lost control and had difficulty handling her emotions properly at that moment. Another example is a male high school dropout joining a gang and accidentally loses the illegal drugs during his mission. When the boss finds out about his failure, he orders his underlings to “pay the price” by beating him up to a pulp. As a result, this male high school dropout may vent his anger towards a family member for his failure.

Although criminal behavior is learned, media consumption also played a major role in influencing crime. Mass media is defined as a set of instruments used to deliver information to the public. This includes the Internet, television, newspapers, advertisements, movies, and radios. When people turn on the television, they learn what is happening in different countries and problems around their surroundings. It raises awareness about an issue, which catches people’s undivided attention. As for advertisements and movies, people watch them for entertainment. Though mass media is a good communicator for a large group of audience, there are detrimental effects it has on society. According to Constructing Crime: Media, Crime, and Popular Culture (2006), it says “The media frequently hold female victims responsible for their victimization while reducing or

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