Crime Prevention Essay

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Crime Prevention
Marcos Williams
Unit 2: Assignment

Crime prevention has become a major issue in our Nation. In our text we have learned that in the early 1990’s President Bill Clinton had passed a bill that hired 100,000 police officers as a result of the Violent Crime Control Act (Worrall, 2008). The hiring of all the police officers looked as if was going to make a huge impact across the nation. With the rate of crime going up across the world crime prevention is really needed. Communities and police officers need to come together to help preserve our neighborhoods. This is the best form of crime prevention.
In this paper I am going to discuss the relationship of crime prevention to the Criminal Justice System. I am also …show more content…

They also stop and arrest drunken drivers which help and protect the community. When police make drug bust in which the community helps with tips or make arrest on repeat offenders this type of crime prevention is key in the relationship with the Criminal Justice System. Police are used as mediators and negotiators to resolve domestic disturbances or hostage situations (Plant and Scott, 2009). Police are also trying to find ways to protect the youth of today from following in the same footsteps as the criminals that they deal with on a day to day basis. Police are trying to do everything that they can to stop trafficking of persons and drugs throughout our nation and help keep our youth stay out of the criminal justice system. Crime prevention and the Criminal Justice System go hand in hand with the reduction of crime.
There are many institutions through which crime prevention programs and practices are delivered. Most of the programs are built around habitual offenders and youths from the 5 to 18 years of age. One program that they have for repeat offenders is the Circle of Support and Accountability (COSA). This program targets young to adult males that have been tried and convicted of a sexual crime, did not get early release, and are at serious risk of reoffending (National Crime Prevention Centre, 2008). COSA has up to seven but no less than four volunteers that help the offenders reengage back to a normal life in their community. The volunteers also hold the

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