Criminal Court Proceedings Analysis

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The criminal court proceedings is something you need to experience firsthand to truly understand it! The young man was charged with two crimes, one early in the morning, and the other in the afternoon. I heard the testimony of a female cab driver who picked up the two men, the one (who died) held a gun to her head, and she said the other one seemed surprised. Although, she said he did take her car keys. Believe me! I felt guilty because she picked them up on the street I used to live on and I called the cab for them!
The DA asked if I recognized the man. That was a while back, both of their heads were covered and it was down-pouring rain. I wasn’t sure and the DA was okay with that. I was very nervous giving my testimony. I was surprised that the defense lawyer didn’t ask me if I could identify his client. He did ask me in a tone that insinuated like I was a fool, “You called the police over a phone call and your intuition?” My firm response was, “I trust my intuition and I rather be safe than sorry.” I have no idea what happened in the rest of the trial after I was released from court. …show more content…

I did email Rev Tiffany White Sage Woman about what was going on during this time because I needed to process it and she lives in Connecticut. Here is her guide’s response to my feelings of guilt:
No. Don't feel guilty at all. Many of us do work with karma...I know that sounds weird, but you really are helping these guys heal spiritually. They have choices...always choices. Not your fault they chose

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