Criminal Justice Department Of The Country

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The contemporary society faces several challenges from the interactions of people having different ethnic backgrounds thereby sometimes resulting in conflicts among the community members. Most important are the issues that continue to raise scorn and much speculation in the criminal justice department of the country. For people to live harmoniously in the society, an understanding of the conditions set by the community needs to be observed to avoid conflicts. The society has outlined ethical behaviors that are acceptable, while others are prohibited; as such, members of the society should follow the morals and principles of the society. However, there exists no ideal society where crime is unheard of, and justice is delivered …show more content…

Gun violence is a situation where people use guns to evoke violence in the society to cause fear, which in some extreme cases results in the death of the assaulted individual. The issue of gun violence has been extensively discussed in the American Federal courts, but a conclusive answer has not been established. The onset of this violence stems from the fact that ownership of guns in the US has been legalized long time ago and has continued to be in the statutes. However, the crime statistics from the Bureau indicates an observed decline in the crime rates; more of the American people are acquiring more guns. The gun business has boomed in the country whereby every individual seeks to own one claiming it is for self-protection. The gun violence and control issue might seem rather off for concern, but it has more profound effect on the society. The most worrying part is that people who are acquiring these guns are not law enforcers, and, thus, they are not trained on how to handle guns or how to react without necessarily pulling the trigger. In the modern day, violence related to guns has become a common thing in the society, especially in the domestic violence cases.
In my perspective, the government should enforce gun control to ensure that people refrain from acquiring and using guns in their homes. The security agencies continue to consume the largest part of the taxpayer’s money

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