Criminology and Physical or Mental Illness

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Criminology and Physical or Mental Illness Crime Crime is seen as any deviant act that is dangerous or harmful socially and is considered to be prohibited and punishable under laws of crime(Siegel, 2007). Deviant behavior includes a wide range of behaviors which are considered to be out of line with the social norms in a given society. It is deduced from this definition that criminal acts are deviant which a society considers harmful to them and prohibits them(Siegel, 2007). Sociological understanding of deviant acts is that they are rooted in a society's molding of these persons. Theory of Social-psychology is based on the arguments that the inadequacies observed in social roles, norms self direction and poor role modeling contribute to criminal behaviors. The argument that people who commit criminal activities are physically or mentally ill can only be made where an understanding of crime's magnitude is beyond human cognition. Criminologist in the twenty-first century have advanced the field of criminology and brought about a higher understanding of crimes. The understanding of human behavior does away with the abnormality of criminal actions and logical explanations are made. It is cognizable given the twenty-first century theories of criminology that there are driving forces behind commitment of a criminal action(Siegel, 2007). Analyzing the classical and Neo-Classical theories of crime, the twenty-first century theories of crimes are observed to agree that
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