Crimson Slides Concert Report

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On April 10th I attended the Crimson Slides concert featuring salsa music and a guest artist from Costa Rica named Leo Rodriguez and it was an amazing experience. I have been wanting to see the Crimson Slides for a while because I am a big fan of ska music and I figured the slides would produce a similar sound. The general texture of the concert was polyphonic and I would describe the ensemble as a brass salsa band. There were eight trombonists performing and they were accompanied by percussionists in the background. The percussionists were playing various drums, maracas, symbols, a cowbell, and a woodblock. The first song that they played was very lively and loud. The song was basically a series of solos and the composer described it as …show more content…

This song also had a series of solos and was played at the same tempo as the last piece. The melody, dynamics, and key were identical to the last song as well. A song called Mi bendicion by the famous Luis Guerra was preformed next. I believe the composer described the performance as a bachata. It was a romantic song that Guerra wrote in dedication to his wife. The song was played in forte since it was still a very loud performance. But this time the trombones played long legato notes. The drums just maintained a steady beat while the trombones played the legato notes at a more moderato tempo. This song had a way more romantic and sentimental feel than the first two performances. Pampa was the title of the next piece. This song was a waltz. It was amazing being able to witness the dancers waltz around the stage with such elegance. There was no percussion in this song, only the trombones preformed. This was also a moderato tempo because it was much slower than the salsa music but not entirely slow. There were also a lot of long, low notes in this piece creating a legato melody. Halfway through the piece there was a crescendo into more noble sounding high notes played at mezzo forte. This song was extremely

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