Cristina Garcia Critical Analysis

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Cristina García is a proclaimed Cuban-American journalist, novelist, and poet. García has worked for Time magazine, edited anthologies such as Cubanisimo!: The Vintage Book of Contemporary Cuban Literature, and published her poetry in The Lesser Tragedy of Death. García is also the recipient of the National Book Award for her debut novel Dreaming in Cuba. Her fictitious works not only serve as entertainment for readers, but also provide insight to the lives of Cuban families affected by the Cuban Revolution. In addition, her dramatic stories with hints of dark humor serve as a voice for Latina women in a male-dominated environment. Being a feminist, García provides both empowerment and a glimpse into the issues Latina women deal with in her stories and poetry. Ilan Stavans, a Mexican-American essayist, publisher, and ultimately the author of Quixote: The Novel and the World, wrote a critical review of Cristina García in the article “Swooning in Cuban”, which was featured in the Nation. Focusing on García’s novels “Dreaming in Cuba” and “Agüero Sisters”, Stavans has mixed views on García. He provides both praise and criticism for her craft, stating that, “García is an immensely talented writer, whose work, like that of Jessica Hagedorn, Sherman Alexie and David Foster Wallace…” but however that she has essentially “written, in many ways, the same book twice” (Stavans). This is because Dreaming in Cuba provides some sort of precursor to Agüero sisters and contains
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