Critical Analysis Of Brave New World

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Introduction: As Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World in 1931, he watched a disillusioned society turn towards science and technology. His idea that “human beings are given free will in order to choose between insanity on the one hand and lunacy on the other” (Huxley) drove the direction of his novel. As the 1920’s ended it gained reputation as the Roaring Twenties, for many rejected traditional moral standards during this decade; and for what Huxley believed would continue to elude from the conventional norm. Aldous Huxley predicted that family units would become outdated and undoubtedly disintegrate in the future, while easily becoming replaced due to the changing culture in our society, as is seen presently in the cultural movement sweeping America as non-traditional families are ever more common.
Analysis Portion: The destruction caused by family units is emphasized strongly by world controller Mustapha Mond as he responds to a group of young men as they learn about the world before Ford. As stated “The world was full of fathers – was therefore full of misery; full of mothers – therefore of every kind of perversion from sadism to chastity; full of brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts – full of madness and suicide” (Huxley 39). Using the words misery, madness and suicide to describe the once was family unit devalues what we today, and for generations have treasured and respected as a foundation of society. Families became non-existent with the overtake of Fordism,

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