Critical Analysis Of Huckleberry Finn

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Critical Analysis
Huckleberry Finn

My name is Ariyan S. Omio in Mr Henry's 3rd period class and this is my critical analysis on the book called "Huckleberry Finn", it was written by Mark Twain and it has 293 pages.

In "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", Huck and his best friend Tom became rich when they found treasure. Since then, Huck has sold the treasure to become wealthy which then causes his father, Pap, to kidnap him to steal Huck's fortune. Huck fakes his death to escape Pap's abuse. On his way down the river, Huck runs into Jim, a runaway slave who once belonged to Tom Sawyer's aunt. Instead of turning him in, Huck decides to go down the Mississippi with Jim. After narrowly escaping the fight between the Shepherdsons and Grangerfords, Huck and Jim pick up two conmen pretending to be the King and the Duke. When the frauds try to deceive three sisters who are orphans, Huck exposes them. The King and the Duke later turn Jim in to a man named Phelps, who later imprisons him so he can collect the ransom. Huck pretends to be the Phelps' nephew, Tom Sawyer, in an effort to save Jim. Tom arrives and helps Huck rescue Jim. When their attempt fails, Tom reveals that Jim’s owner died and freed him. Huck decides not to return home with Tom and to instead keep walking around.

I would give this book a four out of ten because it was very hard to understand because of the dialect they used in the story. The book also dragged out too long and added unnecessary details,

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