Critical Analysis Of Pizza Hut

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During the early days of Pizza Hut before the iconic red roof had become the symbol and logo of the brand, Pizza Hut had their own mascot, Pizza Pete. The mascot could be identified wearing a chef’s hat, neckerchief and an apron, and most often would be serving hot food to eager customers. Unfortunately after the 1970’s Pizza Pete faded away and was replaced with the still famous Red Roof which had originated in 1969. In the 70’s Pizza Hut expanded their product range to offering Pizza Hut pizza ovens (shaped as the actual Pizza Hut restaurant) – a concept very similar to the famous ‘easy-bake oven’ but instead kids could create their very own Pizza Hut Pizza. Recently in 2012 Pizza Hut launched another interesting product which was quite surprising for a fast food restaurant. Their own fragranced perfume ‘fresh dough with a bit of spice’ (along with the packaging being little pizza …show more content…

• The BOOK IT! Programme.
The BOOK IT! Program was established in 1984 and has been running on since then. The program has been out in place to promote reading amongst children along with the remuneration of praise and recognition and the famous Pizza Hut Pizza. (A critical analysis will be conducted on this program below.)Pizza Hut in South Africa gets involved within the communities; this includes renovating, volunteering to clean up as well as creating support for women who have been victims of abuse by supplying them with care packs.
Education has been seen as one of Pizza Hut’s values which is also reflected through their CSR initiatives. Analysing the graph below shows South Africa literacy levels, are quite low and thus Pizza Hut allows for their customer base to get involved in the initiativs to help address the local literacy levels which communities are faced with and help to improve and introduce a hugher reading standard in the

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