Critical Elements That Can Improve Employee Engagement

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Critical elements that can improve employee engagement will vary by organization and by different leaders. Each person has their own set of tactics that they would use to improve employee engagements. I believe there isn’t an absolute 5 that you must adhere by, but a set of 5 that will be the most beneficial to your leadership style. The 5 elements that can be used to improve employee engagement are building the correct team, creating a shared purpose, editing or defining the culture, focus on each employee’s mountain climb per our book First, Break All the Rules, and impactful motivation.

First, to improve employee engagement a leader should select the correct people to hire within an organization. Within our book First, Break All the …show more content…

If everyone is on the same page, they will work towards the same goal, not individual goals. Creating common ground builds moral and improves communication. A shared purpose is not a verse on what is expected, rather it is multidimensional addressing what everyone in the company is trying to accomplish. A leader will know once they have created a shared purpose because employee’s will start responding to questions by stating the shared purpose. When all employees believe in the shared purpose you have a powerful tool to increase employee engagement. A shared purpose creates teamwork and encourages engagement between members. Building a shared purpose will work in conjunction with the following tactic.

After the leader has created a shared purpose, the leader should focus on creating culture or changing the culture of the organization. Creating a Culture of Excellence stated, “Culture is defined as the norms, attitude and beliefs held among a group of people.” Creating culture doesn’t just help disengaged employees, it will also help everyone around them too. It helps mold a work environment, and the actions required by every employee. If culture is addressed, employee’s will know what is expected of them. One of the 12 questions mentioned in First, Break All the Rules addresses do I know what is expected of me. Creating answers to these questions will improve employee engagement. Also, stated in the reading, Creating a

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