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This essay will argue that it is important to study management and organisations in a critical, questioning way for two reasons. First, it is important to do so due to the influence and reach of management in large commercial organisations that covers a lot of aspects in the society, economy and culture. Second, by taking a critical approach to management, there is a possible gain of knowledge and understanding of management and what it is which leads to a better and more effective manager in order to be in a position to secure positive results and prevent undesirable outcomes occurring. In Section One, it will demonstrate the first point with reference to evidences and arguments from (Morgan 2006) and (Bakan 2004) to
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By leveraging their freedom from the bonds of location, corporations could now dictate the economic policies of governments (Bakan 2004). So far, the essay has argued that the rise of the corporations in modern days covers a lot of aspects within the society and it should not be treated lightly when it comes to their dominance and influence. In the next section the essay will illustrate that due to anxiousness and brevity of managerial work, it is rather hard, for managers, to focus on achieving the goals to benefit the society.

Section 2

As Linstead (2009) demonstrates, anxiety is thought of to be one of the factors in modern management’s inability to make a proper decision that benefits the society in place of harming it and one of the reasons that lead to anxiety is the fact that modern management tends to be obsessed with success due to many organisations’ failures that forget to learn from history and rather take the easy route rather than learn from our mistakes or that of others. According to Mintzberg (1971), one of the major problems a today’s manager will face is, despite the growing size of modern organisations and the growing complexity of their problems, the manager can expect little help and must design his own information system and take full charge of his organisation’s strategy-making system. Thus, the manager is usually forced to carry a great burden of responsibility in his organisation and as organisations become increasingly large and complex,
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