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The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is the sixth largest UK charity organization ranked by Charity Brand Index 2012; by income, BHF ranked 13th with income of £250 million in 2013; but the organization is the largest heart health charity that aims to solve the serious problems on cardiovascular disease (BHF Case Study, 2013). According to BHF website (2015), the mission of BHF ‘is to win the fight against cardiovascular disease and our vision is a world in which people do not die prematurely or suffer from cardiovascular disease.

In this report, as the new Marketing Director, the factors that could effect on the future of BHF will be analyzed. Five main sections will be concluded, how good leadership brings benefit to organization; organizational culture’s contribution; the importance of proper organizational structure; methods of managing team; and importance of marketing budgets.
1 The importance of good leadership
1.1 The differences between management and leadership
There are many different definitions of management. The classical authors considered the management is a role that aims to achieve effective operation, make regulations, provide directions and control resources (Whetten and Cameron, 2002). However, the newer visions focus more on management as a communication job in order to finish the work (Williams, 2010). Daft (2011) adds the coordinating others to meet the new challenges becomes a crucial task for modern management. Passage with time, the requirement of

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