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Retaining and Motivating Employees
Human Resources are the most important resources for every organisation. Hardworking and productive employees require a long and costly process to select, train and develop. Replacing such employees with new recruits is a long and a costly process starting from advertising the vacancy to training and development. That’s why it is much better to retain the employees by keeping them motivated instead of losing them and recruit new once. It will save lots of time, money and efforts. Motivation as defined by the business directory is: “Internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy in people to be continually interested and committed to a job, role or subject or to make an effort …show more content…

Rewards are two types. It can be financial and non-financial. Financial rewards like Salary increments, bonuses commissions, medical benefits. Non-financial rewards like off-days, team building events, job rotations and flexible working ways.
Maintaining a good working environment is another important factor. People feel happy when their workplace is clean, well-organized, comfortable and healthy. Office space should be spacious enough for the employees to move freely. Facilities should be available and well maintained. Chairs should be comfortable and desks sizes should be right. Lightening should be enough and comfortable. Air conditioners should be well functioning. Workplace should be calm away from the road noise. Team building activities are very important for the team to gather, have fun, know each other and strengthen the team spirit. It’s a chance for the employees to change the daily routine and help them get back to work with an extra energy and better mood. Such activities will lead to a better teamwork and cooperation. Team building activities will support the employees in expressing their opinions and ideas freely which will motivate them to approach the management whenever they can. Such activities will breaks the barrier and increase the trust with the employees.
Employee’s empowerment has its effect in the employee’s motivation. There are many employees who complain that there are given more responsibilities and

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