Critical Thinking : A Critical Thinker

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Critical thinking is the process of analyzing certain problematic phenomena or ideas, along with its complex dynamics, in order to theorize healthier and more productive solutions. Critical thinking juxtaposes its noun form by describing the critical thinker, in which society is constantly and heedlessly creating. This is the direct result of the systematic nourishment of societal prejudices, misogyny, and inequality, which only contrives devastating and life changing events in its victims ' lives. These types of analytical philosophers may also evaluate benign events that results in benevolent effects in order to solve how and why they occur to thus reciprocate this pattern to directly produce more of these effective, influential occurrences, while also improving those that detrimentally poison humanity 's advancement. Carole R. McCann and Seung-kyung Kim, editors of Feminist Theory Reader, refers to this process as utilizing ‘tools’ provided by theorists and asking questions to, “examine the injustices they confront and build arguments to support their particular demands for change.” As a women studies and ethnic studies major, I have trained myself to constantly practice this skill and habitually and consciously analyze stimulating catalysts for reactions, never believing a situation lacks historical and dynamic aspectual influences. Homogeneity was produced and historically reciprocated as a normative standard for societal inhabitants because it requires very little…
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