Critically Analyzing Sources for Research

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During college, students should be able to research and analyze their sources. It is an important life skill. By using the ability to research, they can find articles with credible, reliable, and relevant information to get the best and dependable research. People who use these techniques will find each of these components essential to the authenticity of an article. These skills would be able to help students and researchers discover trustworthy and reliable sources. Each of the different components in a quality research makes it solid and dependable. Credibility is how believable or truthful the research, and whether the researchers have the credentials to do research in that area. Reliability is the reputation of the article’s source, and if the authors considered any biases. Relevancy is how current the article is or how important it is now. Students conducting research in college need to be able to critically analyze sources for credibility, relevancy, and reliability in order to determine their usefulness in a research paper.
The first step in finding a credible article is looking for credentials and qualifications of the authors. Each of the three authors of this article has the credentials and qualifications to write about this subject. The three researchers of this article are Zhengchuan Xu, Qing Hu, and Chenghong Zhang. Zhengchuan Xu has a Ph. D in computer software and theory. He is also an associate professor in the Department of Information Management and

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