Critique Of Methods And Suggestions

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Critique of Methods & Suggestions I believe that until this issue is 100% done away with, there is always room for improvement. There are several wonderful ways in which the issue of domestic violence is being addressed. The first method that is typically used to address intimate partner violence is the National Domestic Violence Hotline which is in place for people experiencing domestic abuse can call and get help for their needs. This is a very beneficial service because it gives people the basic idea of what is going on and what is available for victims in terms of services. I love that the people who answer the hotline phone calls are well trained in what it is they are supposed to say rather than just being a volunteer who is on the line with no knowledge of what is going on. It is good that they also refer callers to services close to them rather than having all of the information on them and giving it to the caller. I realized from personal experience working with the Domestic Violence Program that the national hotline is not always 100% accurate about the locations that they give the callers. They give the basic vicinity of where the caller is but the problem is that sometimes the place the caller is connected to may be far from where they are currently located at. The National Violence against Women Act is another great tool to help stop the occurrence of intimate partner violence. For there to be compete change, somewhere along the way money needs to be spent to

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