Crossed ABCs Book Report

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A is for Aberration. An aberration is someone who has done something bad to lose his or her place as a Citizen. Ky had become a second generation Aberration meaning it was someone before him to do something to disrespect his family. B is for Bram. Bram is Cassia’s younger brother, whom she left, along with the rest of her family to find Ky. C is for Compass. Ky gave Cassia his compass, an Artifact from his parents that Cassia traded for information on Anomalies, which she thought would help her find Ky. D is for Dystopia. The Society was supposed to be a perfect world, but it turned out to be worse than the ways people used to live. E is for Escape. Cassia escaped from the Society to find Ky, who was taken away by the Officials. F is for Farmers. During her journey, Cassia came across an abandoned town where the farmers (Anomalies that fled the Society early on) once lived. G is for Grandfather. He was Cassia’s idol. He influenced her and taught her to be strong. He gave her two poems, one of which she shared with Ky. H is for Hill. The Hill was a place that was special to Cassia and Ky. It was where they first bonded and where he taught her how to write. I is for Indie. Indie went on the journey with Cassia to escape to the Outer Provinces. This also included looking for Ky. J is for Jargon. The Society has words that have special meanings and they have become proper nouns including Society, Citizen, Aberration, and Anomaly. K is for Ky. Ky is an Aberration who

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