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The benefits of CrossFit and how it can be used to improve Scottish fitness Banner ID: B00235033 Contents Introduction 3 Literature Review 4 Discussion 8 Pros 8 Cons 9 Future research 10 Assessment References 12 Introduction Fitness in Scotland has firmly been linked to the lack of physical recreation rates on a daily and weekly basis (National Physical Activity Strategy, 2003-Present). This report will look at the pros and cons of using Sport fitness to gain fitness. Primarily looking at the world of CrossFit and its impact on health and fitness in other countries and how this can be implemented into Scottish society. Fitness will be defined and how fitness can be made more attainable through the use of CrossFit. CrossFit…show more content…
Furthermore by having developed attributes in speed, strength, power, endurance, co-ordination, balance, body control, flexibility or agility would thus have a direct implication on someone’s work capacity or performance. Kilgore et al look at how through the ages the definition becomes skewed, simplified then eventually over elaborated to the point of un-recognition of what fitness actually is to the everyday person. The intro to this book basically aims at shrinking down and peeling back all the jargon of the latest definition from the United States Department of Health and Human Services (USDHHS) into something more simplistic and understandable. Fitness “Possession of adequate levels of strength, endurance, and mobility to provide for successful participation in the occupational effort, recreational pursuits, familial obligation, and that is consistent with functional phenotypic expression of the human genotype.” (FIT: An unconventional guide to using conventional methods for creating fitness for the real world, 2011) Kilgore et al used many differing data collection methods but based the majority of the findings from books in strength training, power lifting and weightlifting books. Within those books there is a range of qualitative and quantitative research evidence filtered into this book, as well as photo analysis which is shown throughout giving clear precise information and images to back the overall

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