Crossing Flies to Demonstrate Inheritance Patterns

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Drosophila melanogastor were one of the first organisms chosen to be analyzed and study, since they are the work force of the genetics research. Back in the early 1900s, researchers such as T.H. Morgan, H.J. Muller, E. Weischaus, and C. Nisslein-Volhard were able to use the organisms to determine how genes are inherited, how radiation causes DNA damage, and there are genes that controls human development. In 2000, scientists found over a hundred genes that can be used to study human diseases because they found a way to sequence the drosophila genome. This organism has been used for scientific research for decades and is continued to be used because they help scientists and researchers understand how human processes and their disorders. With the experiment, crossing the flies is to demonstrate the inheritance pattern of a single and double trait.
Studying and manipulating fruit flies, scientists are able to learn about the human genetics and understand the function in biology of other organisms. Drosophila can demonstrate Mendelian inheritance because they can display massive amounts of genes, demonstrate genetic mapping, and used as genetic crosses. Being able to study these organisms across multiple generations and understand its life cycle would help with understanding basic genetic concepts, such as trait inheritance. Learning how to control the breeding is important as well, since interbreeding or mixing the generations would cause insufficient data.
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