How Narrative Elements Shape Qualitative Research

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Literature Review "Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts" (Eigen—Arnett Educational & Cultural Foundation Inc, 2010). Karri Holley and Julia Colyar (2012) coauthors of the article "Under Construction: How Narrative Elements Shape Qualitative Research" addresses three stories that shape the features of qualitative research. The three narratives; Plot - the DNA of the narrative; Point of View – the author 's connection to the narrative; Authorial Distance – the author 's location within the text and Character – function as the avenues for audience investment in the topic of the qualitative research. These three narratives outline the story found at the beginning and end of qualitative research. The module of the narrative elements demonstrates "narrative constructs offer but one approach toward mapping the complex, hidden dimensions of experience" (2012).
Qualitative research involves the process of discovering not only what people think but also why they believe it. The object is to get people to discuss their stance, beliefs, or viewpoints to acquire an understanding of their feelings and motivation. The qualitative research utilizes in-depth small group studies to steer and assists the development of theory. The outcome of qualitative research tends to be indicative of the opinion of the researcher rather than estimated.
Qualitative Methods and Tools
There are three conventional qualitative methods

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