Traumatic Birth Trauma

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Annually about 210 thousands women give birth in Jordan (CSPD, 2014). Childbirth is a significant event in women’s lives. It is a complex and subjective experience. For many women childbirth is a positive experience, enabled them to gain sense of mastery, elation, and accomplishment (Callister, 2006). In contrast, other women described it as negative experience, that is painful, and associated with feelings of fear, anxiety, anger, and insecurity (Owesis, 2009; Krepia, Tasaloglidou, Pschogiou, &Juikunen, 2011; Bryanton,Gagnon, &Hatem, 2008; Goodman, Mackey, &Tavkoli, 2004). Jordanian women in particular described childbirth as ………………………………………………….. (Khalaf & Calister, 1997)
Over the past two decades the concept of traumatic birth received more
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Beck (2004) defined birth trauma as” an event occurring during the labor and delivery process that involves actual or threatened serious injury or death to the mother or her infant. The birthing women experience intense fear, helplessness, loss of control, and horror” (p.28). In 2013 Beck, revised her definition to include “an event occurring during labor and delivery where the woman perceives she is stripped of her dignity) (Beck, Driscoll, & Watson, 2013, p 8). Ryding, Wijma, Wijma (2000) defined traumatic birth as “ an experience of having been very afraid to die; to be hurt; to lose the baby or to have a seriously ill or handicapped child, or having an experience of having lost contact with reality in a very frightening manner’(p. 35). Reid (2011) defined traumatic birth more broadly as “is simply when the women or parental couples feel traumatized by their experience and fearful of a subsequent birth” (Reid, 2011, p…show more content…
Those women also suffer from anxiety, anger, guilt, grief and panic (Beck, 2006; Allen, 1998). This experience left women to struggle with nightmares and flashback even years after birth due to dysfunctional coping strategies (Elmir et al., 2010; Simpson &Catling, 2015; Fenech &Thomson, 2014). Traumatic childbirth leads women to experience feeling of loss; loss of self, motherhood, and loss of family values. Traumatic childbirth disturbed the women’s relationships with her partner and her child, such as loss of sexual desire and intimacy, and impaired mother –infant attachment (Elmir et al., 2010; Fenech &Thomson, 2014). Subsequent pregnancies were affected by the experience of traumatic childbirth as those women developed secondary tocophopia or fear of childbirth, which was associated with women decision not to have any subsequent pregnancy or request caesarean section for subsequent births (Elmir et al.,
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