Ctlls Unit 2 Planning and Enabling Learning Essay

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Planning and Enabling learning unit 2

I used the internet to research all areas of planning and enabling learning in unit 2, as I felt it offered depth and detail, as well as convenience. However, I also referred to Planning and Enabling Learning in LLLS by Ann Gravells & Susan Simpson, as well as Geoff Petty Teaching Today - A Practical Guide.

As a result of my research I am now able to recognise and define the process Initial Assessment and the connection it bears with negotiating with learners, as well as agreeing goals and actions. During the course of my research I have gained an awareness and depth of knowledge into the significance of Inclusive learning; I can now confidently adapt session plans, and delivery
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It is common place for a screening to take place prior to commencing the learning programme in order to identify whether learners may need additional support, as a result a diagnostic test will then identify specific areas of literacy, and numeracy learners may need to work on to achieve their main learning goals. Diagnostic testing helps to determine learning targets, and teaching/ learning strategies appropriate to ensure the learner achieves the learning outcomes.

The initial and diagnostic assessments are closely linked; all information gathered from these assessments are put together to help the learner and the teacher build a clear picture of the individual. This information will then be used to agree goals and actions, personalise learning, develop an ILP, tailor session plans to meet the individual learners needs and use teaching methods to cater for all learning styles.

This process of assessment assists in ensuring that the class room is inclusive, with all learner needs being met. Each learner is unique and individual and if the needs of the learner are discovered and catered for there is an increased chance of success, in my opinion Initial Assessment, can make the difference between failure and success.

2).Agreeing goals and actions
Agreeing goals and actions is an essential part of the learning

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