Cuisine Influence On American Culture

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Cuisine is a traditional and increasing aspect to cultures all around the world today. Cultural food is increasing world travel, bringing explorers to trek new parts of the world to discover and enrich in new culture. Cuisine can be influenced by several factors, such as land/soil, climate, tools/technology, religion, etc. The native food of a country can define an area as well as inspire others to preserve and take on the styles/methods of cooking, increasing a global loop of passing on tradition and culture. One of the best ways to discover a country is by eating their native food. Numerous visitors flock to the country of Spain to experience the food that is packed with extreme flavor and character. The Spanish take pride in making their…show more content…
The majority of the culture’s consumption is agro-food and local produce. The cuisine of Castile Leon is best known for its cooked dishes which include fresh ingredients. Local food and cooking is prominent to the natives’ traditions. Major ingredients of this region include chickpeas, beans, lentils, lamb, pork, game, wild mushrooms, etc. Garbanzo beans, familiarly known as chickpeas, are one of the most common elements in Castilian cuisine because it has presided over most dishes for centuries. It is a dried vegetable, “which was brought to Spain by the Carthaginians, that serves as a dietary staple in Spanish meals (“Castile-Leon” n.d.). They are most often used in soups, along with large quantities of white and red beans and lentils that are often complemented by poultry and pork products. Soups and stews are a predominant meal in Castile Leon due to the long, cold winters. Sopa de Ajo, or garlic soup, is among one of the traditional soups reverent to Castile Leon. In addition to just beans and lentils, trout is also a famous ingredient in this culture’s soups. Trout from Leon is famous for being the best among Spain due to its excellent…show more content…
The regions of Castile Leon and La Rioja represents how cuisine and culture is shared over borders, but also how traditions are conserved on their own. It is prevalent to notice how a culture’s geographical area can affect the region’s cuisine, such as Castile Leon and La Rioja’s agricultural based produce. La Rioja’s mountainous region gives plenty of room for rolling vineyards, making wine an abundant item to the cuisine. To fulfill the understanding of a region, it is vital to indulge in the native land’s
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