Cultural Adjustment Problems Of International Students Essay

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Cultural Adjustment Problems of International Students in the US
In recent years, studying abroad has become a more attractive thing for young individuals. The number of students who are studying abroad steadily growing. Students who want to improve their knowledge and skills at the top universities of the world or explore different cultures are applying to study abroad programs. Many US colleges and universities are at the top of the rankings of world universities. The quality of education of the US colleges and universities and the differences of lifestyle in the US attracts the international students. For these reasons, US has one of the biggest international student populations in the world. According to the Institute of International Education (2016), during the 2015–2016 academic year, there were 1,043,839 international students from over 180 countries enrolled in U.S. institutions of higher education. As a result of these big numbers, the possible problems that international students might experience is also becoming a larger issue. While these students bringing their ethnic heritages, linguistic backgrounds and cultural worldviews to the US, they encounter some cultural adjustment problems in the US.
During studying abroad experience, many international students are faced with language problems, homesickness, accommodation difficulties, social isolation, financial stress, cultural misunderstandings, and racial discrimination (Yakunina & Weigold & McCarthy,

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