Cultural And Social Aspects Of Health

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Domestic Violence Margarita Gonzalez HHPS 5365.01 Cultural and Social Aspects of Health Dr. Ledingham April 9, 2015 Introduction Domestic violence, also known as spousal abuse or intimate partner violence, occurs when an individual, in a relationship, victimizes their partner. The abuse comes in physical and mental states, in which the abuser uses shame, guilt, intimidation, humiliation, isolation, blame, fear, stalking, sex, or strength for control. This abuse can lead to the victim’s self worth is destroyed, becomes depressed and anxious, feels helpless and alone, and can become suicidal. An abuser, using physical abuse, will direct their blows to parts of the body that won’t show. After the abuse takes place, the abuser will feel guilt of getting caught rather than the guilt they should have hitting their partner followed by excuses and blaming their partner for the abuse. Psychological abuse can lead to emotional trauma, gastrointestinal disorders, and complications in pregnancy. Sexual abuse has also been found to occur in domestic violence cases, in which the victim is raped and can acquire sexually transmitted diseases from their partner (Preventing Intimate Partner & Sexual Violence). The need for constant control leads the abuser to give their partner hope that they can change, although the abuser will only stop their abuse when it benefits them. The abuser does not want their partner to consider the slightest thought that they could survive without them
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