Cultural Awareness In Ireland

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. Cultural Awareness Paper: Ireland
I decided to better my understanding and my cultural awareness on the country of Ireland given my family's Irish heritage. The island in the north Atlantic, and the northwestern part of Europe, has a rich history and a vibrant culture. It is important to keep an understanding of their culture because Ireland is not all too different from ourselves. Ranging from politics and social culture, Ireland does have a uniquely authentic identity developed through centuries of struggle. I find it is important to have a deeper understanding of their culture.
Ireland's geography is unique in a sense that it has beauty in all corners of the country. It is made up of vast, low central plains surrounded by large coastal mountains with thick woodlands. Many of the beautiful cities of Ireland fall on the coasts or are riverside. The capitol of Ireland is Dublin and the main cities of attraction for tourists are Dublin, Galway, Cork, and Killarney. The country has an old feeling to it due to having such old structures, such as castles and bars that are older than our very own country. The island of Ireland is surrounded by three bodies of water. The Atlantic Ocean on the west of the country, the Celtic Sea to the south of the country, and the Irish Sea to the east of the country, separating it from England. Due to a lot of the land being on the waterfront, throughout the country it remains a cool temperature, with an average temperature of roughly 50

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