Cultural Critique Of Japanese Cafes

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Cultural Critique of Japanese Cafés In Japan, there are many aspects that make it attractive to the human eye. One of those things is the abundant ‘kawaii’ attributes. ‘Kawaii’ is a Japanese word used to reference things that are cute or adorable. A couple of examples would be kitty keychains, ice cream earrings, and pink owl sharpeners. However, they don’t always have to be something small. Another common attraction in Japan that’s considered ‘kawaii’ are the various themed cafés, or restaurants. The cafés in Japan are wildly different and diverse from the typical American cafés and they usually include a signature theme, such as cats, ninjas, and maids. The most common café in Japan is the typical maid café. This is where the waitresses usually dress up in a maid costume and talk to the customers as if they were their ‘master’. Patrick Galbraith wrote an article that goes in depth about maid cafés. In his article he mentions, “Maid cafés first appeared in the late 1990s in Akihabara, Japan, an area where dating simulation games were sold and players gathered. Maid cafés extended relations with fictional characters from media to physical reality, allowing players to interact with fictional characters in human form, while at the same time interacting with humans who perform characters” (GalBraith). So people would go to these cafés as a way to bring their dating simulation games to life. It could also be a great way for people who are lonely, to find a connection with
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