Cultural Difference Between Fiat And Chrysler

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dimensions with Italy only ahead by 8%. Each society is similar in regards to men and women in an organization however; Italy has more respect towards elders and women. Italy surpasses the United States in the Uncertainty Avoidance dimension. In the United States we do not like change, but in Italy it is something they thrive on. When it comes to the Long and Short Term Orientation, both Italy and the United States are low. Italy leads by a slight percentage. Both countries have a short term when it comes to business planning. These cultural differences are not extreme. This does not seem like a big enough threat for the Fiat Chrysler alliance or merger. In many ways Italy and the United States appear to be similar countries. In many ways they are different too. Fiat and Chrysler still have to be cautious of even the smallest cultural difference because it can be the difference between success and failure.
III. Internal Environment The internal environment is important to all businesses as it directly makes impacts on the business. These factors can include resources, management values, stakeholder goals, strategy, corporate culture, employees, and capabilities. Fiat and Chrysler respectively have strengths and weaknesses which can improve, or hurt, what they bring to the global auto industry.
Fiat Strengths Fiat has a strong brand, production, and marketing. Fiat started their brand in Italy which has allowed them to grow their global business. The brand is strong and

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