Cultural Diversity in the Workplace Essay

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Erica L. Munsey Cultural Diversity In The Workplace Sociology 220B There is presently more than 60% percent of the United States work force that consist of immigrants, minorities and woman. Current studies show that in the next 10 – 15 years such groups will rise to 90% in the work force. Today’s leaders are now confronted with the challenges of how to effectively manage the work force that is increasing in the diverse lines of ethnicity, physical ability, race, gender and sexual preferences and age. In this challenge is the notion that the best, brightest most qualified employee’s come from several different cultural background identities. To this level it stands to recongnize that individuals …show more content…

Employers plays a huge role in implementing an environment for which its practices that encourage respect and acceptability of diverse views. The practice makes economic sinse, after all work places are working to have a goal to make a profit. Most businesses will compete for the global platform. So promoting cultural diversity is no more of a legal issue but also a moral one as well and a business obligation. One benefit of managing cultural diversity in the work place is the direct impact on productivity and profits. If and when a company decides to invest in a diverse group of people, it’s the diverse work place ethnics, innovation and perspectives and innovations, experiences, and ideas invested in the business’s way of working. The outcome can turn out to be wonderful thing for any workplace, if diversity is properly managed and channeled right. Employers need to value their employees despite any of their differences, they need to show that they are needed and to ensure them individually and collectively that their contributions are very much appreciated to the company. Research indicates that if a business promotes cultural diversity in the workplace it can help lower the absentees, dramatically decrease discrimination lawsuits, that are seen in present times. If you look at it this way legally cultural diversity in the workplace was made to be enforced from programs such as affirmative action and

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