Diversity Within The Workplace Within Australia

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Diversity in organizations has become a huge interest within the workplace due to many factors such as globalization, migration, innovation and most importantly because it is morally correct. Generally, as businesses main goal is profit, and the “workforce diversity management is such a pervasive business practice”(Bowes, L. 2013) they need to keep up with global markets. Diversity in Australia is important, as it is one of the most culturally diverse in the world, with 27% of Australian population being born outside of Australia, however the “management of cultural diversity in Australia has only been mediocre” (Fenwick, M. 2011). With only “few Australian firms [having] established diversity management practices” (McCarthy, G 2009) and…show more content…
Moral case focuses on “pursuing greater ethnic diversity, and the fact that it is the “right” thing to do” (Green, A. 2012). The Business case however “does not celebrate diversity in itself, but that diversity is supported only if and as long as it drives competitive advantage and organizational profit” (Dijk, H, J. 2011). This represents that employees are suggested to be resources or assets not because what they represent but how they benefit the business, this also shedding light between the differences between utilitarianism and deontological and their differences; as the Business case being quite insensitive to deontological principles and beliefs. The benefits of having a diverse workplace are endless such as “improving morale and productivity, exploiting the creativity and innovation latent within the organisation, as well as generating trust within service populations” (Green, A. 2012) not to mention keeping up with fast changing markets.
An Australian organization, which highly regards diversity management, is Woolworths Limited. Their diversity policy stating that they are ‘committed to an inclusive workplace that embraces and promotes diversity… We value, respect and leverage the unique contributions of people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to provide exceptional customer service to an equally diverse community’. Woolworths statement is based on the moral
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