Diversity Within The Workplace Within Australia

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Diversity in organizations has become a huge interest within the workplace due to many factors such as globalization, migration, innovation and most importantly because it is morally correct. Generally, as businesses main goal is profit, and the “workforce diversity management is such a pervasive business practice”(Bowes, L. 2013) they need to keep up with global markets. Diversity in Australia is important, as it is one of the most culturally diverse in the world, with 27% of Australian population being born outside of Australia, however the “management of cultural diversity in Australia has only been mediocre” (Fenwick, M. 2011). With only “few Australian firms [having] established diversity management practices” (McCarthy, G 2009) and Australia’s “top managers do not have a clear understanding of the importance of diversity management”. (McCarthy, G. 2009)

There are two main models of managing diversity in organizations and they are The Business Case and the Moral Case or Equality. These models are based on very different principles and have different intentions. Deontological ethics and Utilitarianism are also theories, which have been influenced the Moral case and the Business case of diversity. Deontology is an approach to ethics, which concentrates, on the actions themselves being either right or wrong rather than the consequences of those actions. Utilitarianism on the other hand is a theory that aims to maximize utility, including pleasure and economic well being.…
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