Cultural Ethnography, Schein's Model Essay

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Applying Schein‟s Model To Cingular Wireless-1


An Application of Schein‟s Model of Organizational Culture to the Cingular Wireless Store Located in the Marley Station Mall Jessica Larkin


Applying Schein‟s Model To Cingular Wireless-2 This study is applying Edgar Schein‟s model of organizational communication to the Marley Station Mall location of Cingular wireless. The study utilizes observations and interviews employees as well as reviewing internal documents. The purpose was to reveal the artifacts, espoused values, and basic assumptions involved in the culture of the Cingular organization.

Applying Schein‟s Model To Cingular Wireless-3

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Schein states, “Working with motivated insiders is essential because only they can bring to the surface their own underlying assumptions and articulate how they basically perceive the world around them” (Schein, 1990, p. 112). In addition to these three basic levels this study will also utilize the ten major categories Schein uses to help define an organization‟s culture. These will include (Schein, 1992).: 1. Observed behavioral regularities when people interact 2. Group Norms 3. Espoused values 4. Formal philosophy 5. Rules of the Game 6. Climate 7. Embedded skills 8. Habits of thinking, mental models, and/or linguistic paradigms 9. Shared meanings 10. “Root metaphors” or integrating symbols Although Schein‟s models are widely applied and studied, areas of disagreement with his methods include how much time is actually required to reveal the levels of an organization‟s culture. How many participants are needed to properly assess the culture,

Applying Schein‟s Model To Cingular Wireless-6 and if bias affects the review of an organization also can all hinder the accuracy of a study based off of Schein‟s model. To conduct this study eight of Schein‟s ten major categories were incorporated. The first, observed behavioral regularities are the languages, rituals, traditions and routines of employees. The second category is
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