Cultural Imperialism: The Destruction Of American Popular Culture

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Everywhere one seems to go nowadays, large international corporations—markedly American ones—seem to be located just about everywhere; Walmart and its subsidiaries have locations from Chile to India (Walmart) and McDonald’s is located in 119 (Segar) of the United Nation’s 193 member states (United). Films produced in Hollywood dominate the world’s movie screens, and American music can be heard in just about every corner of the globe. With all of their cultural imperialism, the big, bad Americans must be stamping out harmless cultures that have thrived for hundreds of years and now have no option but to either surrender to the malevolent, unyielding onslaught of American markets or take measures into their own hands and pass legislation to protect …show more content…

This worldwide flow of information carries various elements of popular culture: music, television, news, viral videos, etc. Yet, accompanying those relatively unimportant pieces of culture are new and innovative ideas that could benefit mankind, global economic information essential to modern trade, and unprecedented social changes. A nation cutting itself off from the rest of the world in order to “preserve its culture” would mean not only that outside innovations would not be able to reach that country but also that any new ideas produced inside of the nation would not be able to flow out. Now, if looked at upon in this light, a country shutting itself out from the rest of the world to preserve its culture not only seems counterintuitive but also would lead to a state of anachronism in the citizenry—one that all of the citizens may not enjoy. And, as history has taught us, when peoples far behind the rest of the world technologically are too isolated to even care if the world outside of them is changing (or, in some cases, if there even is an outside world), modernized nations have all too easy of a time conquering, subjugating, and exploiting those peoples. Witness the Inca, the Aztecs, the …show more content…

Chinese culture, for example, has not stayed static throughout history—it has morphed into different forms that are dependent upon the time period, creating a new form of Chinese culture and leaving behind an old one. Many nations adopt American cultural practices, such as pop music, however, those same nations put a (sometimes small, sometimes large) twist on that pop music to make it inherently theirs (see: Afro pop, Italian pop, Arabic pop, Latin pop, Japanese pop, Nordic pop, Indian pop, etc.). Passing legislation in order to shut out any foreign cultures would not only possibly bring the previously mentioned maluses but it would also halt the natural progress of the evolution of the very culture that is trying to be protected. In a wild twist of events, it would turn out that it would not be the big, bad Americans who are culturally ignorant, but the governments who are trying to (with good intentions) protect their country’s culture from

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