Cultural Influences On Masculinity And The Beauty Bias By Deborah Rhode

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Cultural Influences Throughout History on Masculinity and Feminism There has been many influences regarding masculinity and feminity throughout past and recent years in America. Society, along with the media, has created a social spectrum with masculine and feminine on each extreme end. Society has altered the peoples perceptions of what a man and woman should act like, look like as well as be like within the society. Individuals who fall in-between the two extreme ends of the spectrum are belittled and mocked in a sense that who they are as a being, is not typical. This paper will examine the cultural influences on masculinity and feminity throughout history, and recent years. Manhood in America, written by Michael Kimmel and The Beauty Bias, written by Deborah Rhode elaborate on the topic of the construction of gender roles placed on individuals in society. Kimmel(1996) examines the history of masculinity and the idea of a masculine figure, whereas Rhode focuses on the cultural patterns of beauty women are faced with.
Kimmel: Manhood in America Kimmel(1996) focuses on the definition of masculinity and how it has changed over time as well as how the experience of manhood has shaped the activities of American men.
Kimmel(1996) claims that men have no history throughout America. There are many books, according to Kimmel(1996), that do not explore: the experience of being a man, manhood, structured lives of men who are their subjects, organizations and institutions they…
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