Cultural Secrecy Breed 's Suspicion

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Due to their ambiguity secretive religions open themselves up to many misconceptions and issues especially when concerning the law. In my research paper I will identify a religion that has had problems arise due to their secretive nature. I popular culture secrecy breed’s suspicion. Religion in particular is expected in the west to be open, honest and welcoming, based largely on the model of Christianity. Plenty of religions involve secrecy, where believers are told things forbidden to outsiders, and where further information is often revealed in stages as believers rise through the ranks. With religion there are lot of reasons for secrecy, to avoid outsiders obtaining sacred knowledge only privy to people in a certain religion or occult. Most religions believe that knowledge is sacred and to be shared with only insiders in the religion who wholehearted believe and respect the religion. I recall as a child I was apart of a free Mason group called Order of the Eastern Star. We had weekly meetings and before the meetings adjourned we were reminded that we could not let anyone know what happen in the meeting, not even our mother, which to say did not sit well with her. The information that is shared often is not highly classified, but with many religious groups it’s more so about inclusiveness. Because you are apart of this particular group you are included in something bigger than yourself, which is what some people search for in religion. On the on the side of secrets

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