Cultural Values of Service Providers: Hotel Escargot Case Study

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Hotel Escargot Abstract This paper examines the problem of slow service at Hotel Escargot and cultural values of service providers in the context of Escargot as a tourist destination and Lodge. The impact of cultural values on perceptions of service quality is evaluated with a focus on the attributes and performance of service providers. The Work Measurement Analysis method is used to identify and group the distinctive customer service values of the hosts with a view to providing an enhanced understanding of tourist-host perceptions of service quality in a Hotel setting. Drawing analysis from the Hotel's daily data and examining Hotel values in tourism settings, the paper proposes some strategic directions for the Hotel managers and marketers. Introduction Hotel Escargot attributes are based largely on its history, ambience, as well as good customer services. Such attributes appeal to a wide cross-section of Lodgers and are particularly attractive to novelty seeking tourists. In addition, arrivals have grown rapidly, facilitated by the upgrading of tourism facilities and a relaxation of hotel booking requirements. Additionally, tourist arrivals and bookings have grown as is highlighted in Table 1. Despite Hotel Escargot's long history of good services, the hotel's service providers are relatively ignorant about client's cultural values. To date Escargot's authorities have paid little attention to the role of good client-host understanding in the tourism development

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