Cultural Values And Service Delivery

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Cultural Assessment The cultural assessment done for this case study was Guatemala. The homes are made with simplicity with the resources of the community. San Andreas is a community that holds 40,000 and consist of most individuals deriving from Mayan descent (66). San Andreas is a place where roosters wake people up instead of alarm clocks, so this community lives without most luxuries such as that one. There are no fancy kitchens with tiled floors. There is only wood to make the fire and some type of pot or pan to help cook the food. This case study will be describing the challenges of this community from using this type of method to cook. Cultural Norms and Service Delivery In the community of San Andreas, Guatemala some of the cultural norms include men having the ability, or the authority to form a committee. In the San Andreas community it means that men are employed by the parish to manage projects. Project may include coffee, water, health clinics, reforestation and others to help then community grow economically and socially (68). Basically the social norm for this community, the Mayan cultural, is patriarchal. It means that men make the decisions for the family and the community (72). Even though there has been progress for women in having a voice in the community, they are still expected to be house wives that cook, clean, and take care of the children. These cultural norms can intersect professional values. Furthermore, in reference to this case the

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