Culture Awareness Of Christopher Columbus

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Culture Awareness United States started diplomatic contacts with Venezuela after the removal from the Colombian alliance in 1830, and maintained a usually close link all the way through most of modern history. However, bilateral link has been tense in recent years due to a range of ideologies differences. The U.S. Government still believes both countries can served better by securing a practical and useful bond focusing on areas of mutual interest, including counter narcotics; counter terrorism, commerce, and energy. (“U.S Department of State”)
Road to Democracy Christopher Columbus was the first European to set foot in this land and in 1498; he arrives to the new world during one of his many expeditions. During the upcoming years, many other explores arrive to the new land; one of them Alonzo de Ojeda, who gave the country is its original name.Venezuela achieved its freedom from Spain in 1819 as part of The Republic of Colombia. The second half of the 18th century was a time of great progress in the region, because Spain lost interest in the very old limits on trade with the colonies, resulting in a rapid increase in success. However, the newly and free republic was deeply affected, since the earlier decades during the early period. One of the first heroes of this land and most useful leaders was Jose Paez. Paez was the man who works and sacrifices the most to earn the country final liberty. Jose Paez won the presidential elections in 1831 and remains the real power in
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