Essay on Cultures of the United States and China

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I chose the United States and China as my two countries to study. I will start off the Psychological anthropology study of Chinese people. I will discuss their customs and beliefs from childhood to adulthood. I will then discuss the study of Americans and their customs and beliefs. I will discuss both Chinese and American traditions and the varies life cycles of both cultures. I will do this view from both the male and female aspects. I will then summarize in conclusion the differences and likes of the two groups.

Chinese people take a woman’s pregnancy very personal and of high importance.

They say that pregnancy is their way of keeping a continuous bloodstream running within their family. They say a pregnant woman is …show more content…

These children live in poverty and their identities are changed from what they would have been if they were to grow-up in a household that isn’t poor. A lot of the times the mother or most often the father is absent. Adolescence that do attend school tend to grow-up and marry the person they fall in love with. In old times the girl would be promised to a boy and when they grew-up they would have to marry that person. China now, women have become equal to men and gained the right to self determination in marriage. Youth in china has also gained rights to chose and do things. (Ye Qinfa 2007, Women have become equal to men and when a child gets older it has the right to choose either his mother’s or father’s surname. Women’s economic independence has promoted their status in family life. When parents become elderly the children will take care of the parents until they die. Men have always had the upper hand in China as far as economics, marriage, and family life. In the past 40 years things have changed to make women equal. This is also the way America was at one time. (

Life in America is some in the same and some indifferent as China. American Men and Women are to most degree equal. Americans have more freedoms than the Chinese. The Chinese

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