Cupid Texas Series Essay

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The Cupid, Texas series is a series of romance novels written by Lori Wilde, the popular American author also known for the writing of the Twilight, Texas series. The first novel in the series was Love at First Sight that Wilde first published in 2013. Loved by critics and fans alike, the novel soon shot up the ranks selling thousands of copies in the US and across the world. She would later go on to publish several more novel in the series including the 2013 published prequel to the series One True Love. As with her other novels the series is set in a small town in Texas. The setting for this series of novels is the town of Cupid in Texas where everyone has one true love. While all the novels are set in Cupid, Texas, they have different characters …show more content…

Cupid, Texas is a small rural town in Texas where every wish made to cupid usually comes true. However, Natalie had never believed in love until she stumbles upon a darkly tanned, lean muscled and nearly naked man standing in her path. Having never experienced it, it hit her like a ton of bricks – love. She had always been told that when it hits, it feels like a thunderbolt, but now that it had hit her, she found all her sensible and practical thoughts thrown out of the window as she falls in love with a total stranger. But Dade Vega an ex-Navy SEAL does not intend to remain a stranger to the most beautiful girl he had ever seen for long. He is in Cupid to keep a promise he had made years ago to one of his best friends that had served with him in the military. One look at the unexpectedly soaking wet Natalie changes his life forever and he is not so sure he ever wants to leave. But can he promise her love when he has never been one to spend more than a week in one place?

All Out of Love is the delightful and exhilarating second novel in the Cupid, Texas series of novels. Pierce Hollister is a football star who has fortune, fame and beautiful women that will do his bidding at any

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