Current Force That Impact Curriculum Design And Program

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Current force that impact curriculum design and program in the 21st century education, and developing an internationally-minded learner in a globalized era. Technology is manoeuvred into our everyday life, and it is evolving rapidly which urge educators to redefine the students’ potentials, and learning to know will never be the same. Technology calls for a change in learning and teaching for the 21st century education. The vast change and innovation of new technologies offer change in people’s understanding and perceiving of knowledge. Moreover, the world is more connected than ever before, and with such connectedness technology and social adaptations to new technologies urge learning and teaching for a change. …show more content…

They are also exposed to television, mobile phones and tablets, they are media literate in the sense that they can download and upload photos, videos, and movies, they can send messages on mobile phones, and able to communicate through the varied social networking, playing video games. Yet, it is still very important to acquire and use the critical thinking skills to analyse the value of the received information. We can no longer afford to ignore the significance of the internet, television, and hand held devices in our students’ life. Those students are fascinated by the advanced technologies. They are also useful teaching tools to be incorporated in todays and future classrooms. And as educators we can have the capability to incorporate them in the classroom lessons to teach our students about the critical thinking. Teaching them the proper attitudes on the internet, searching for and locating accurate reliable information. It tackles the learning styles, and enhance the critical thinking skills. In order to widespread and integrate media literacy in the curriculum teachers should consider it as a vital tool for learning and teaching the curriculum. Should be incorporated into all classroom subject areas. Education can use technology to implement curricula design to meet the 21st century expectations for students learning, and engage them more deeply in the subject matter. Train teachers to understand and use the technological

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