Current Sexual Functioning And Satisfaction:. The Client

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Current sexual functioning and satisfaction:
The client reports having a happy sex life with his partner and they engage in sexual activity once a day. The client stated that “overall our relationship is amazing,” and we are very comfortable talking to each other about sex. Yet, the client states that his partner wishes that Mathew would just begin sex with some foreplay instead of announcing his intentions. According to Mathew, the couple feels comfortable when one declines sexual activity and both are happy with just erotic touch.

Mathew states that he feels jealous and insecure when his partner shows attention to other men, even though they have an “open relationship.” The client is concerned that intercourse is one sided and he would …show more content…

The client states that he is mixed up about whether he wants to be in an “open relationship” or not, but is certain he wants to stay together with Chris. The client states that he wants to feel more secure and wanted within his relationship.

History of presenting problem:
The client states that his jealousy and insecurity will soon affect his sex life and current relationship because he loses his temper and it scares his partner. The client has denied any physical altercations, but his temper can be “quite loud.” Client states that he is currently in therapy working on his jealousy and anger issues. His current therapist has suggested the couple seek counseling with a sex therapist.

The client states that he has always felt a strong desire to be monogamous when in a relationship; however, he does not want to feel guilty when having oral sex with someone outside the relationship. The client states that he has consistently had difficulty reaching orgasm when in a relationship, but finds it easier to ejaculate with strangers or when having sex with a group of men. The client claims that he wants the intimacy that a relationship offers but still likes the “thrill of the pursuit.”

Because of the size of his penis, Mathew has stated that men usually have a difficult time with anal penetration with him. He enjoys oral sex, but never seems to get much of it, and

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